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Utilizing Generic Domain Names in all languages gives business owners and individuals a huge head start over others that use made up names or obscure company names that no one remembers.

Spending thousands or millions of dollars trying to brand these obscure names is a hard and expensive mountain to climb. Harnessing the power of a generic business related word or phrase already in the language of your target market saves huge amounts of time and money and gives you instant credibility as the “brand owner” of that name or phrase. Kick-start your website with a premium domain name related to your field of interest and you won’t look back. Avoid trademark names and trademark typos as these names will only attract problems and grief and most certainly legal issues. Generic words and phrases are the safest way to invest your money in the domain name market. Regardless of whether you purchase or lease a name from us or find one on your own focus on generic words and phrases, period.

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