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Canada Names – Domain Names for Sale and Lease

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March 1st, 2015

Premium Domain Names for Sale, Lease and Joint Venture. We have hundreds of premium generic keyword domain names.

An easy to remember domain name ensures your customers remember you!

A recent study suggests that up to 98% of the ads you pay for customers to see and click are actually clicked by computer bots and not people!!! There were NO INSTANCES where the authors were not charged for an ad-click that was made by any type of bot. Stop wasting money on click advertising and start using a keyword domain related to your business today!!

Some Premium Domains We Have Available Include.

Spoons(.com), Battleships(.com), Puerh(.com), LaserSurgery(.ca), Bid(.ca), Courier(.ca), Ship(.ca), Bargains(.ca), BridalWear(.ca),  72(.ca), Cakes(.ca), Herbals(.ca), Audits(.ca), GardenSupplies(.ca), LawnServices(.ca), PowerWashing(.ca), WireTransfer(.ca), Packaging(.ca), PizzaPie(.ca), LumberSupply(.ca), HomeSupply(.ca), VSL(.ca), Sealing(.ca), BorrowMoney(.ca), BorrowCash(.ca), hundreds more in all fields, service, real estate, insurance, small business, etc.

Some historic reported domain name sales: 2.5 Billion with business! Domain Name valued at $878 million!!! 17 million! 14 million 8.8 million+ 7 million 5.1 million! 4.9 million 3.1 million 2.6 million 2.2 million 2 million 1.76 million! 9.9995 million! 1.65 million! – We have RamSecure (.com), InfectedSoftware (.com), LossofData (.com), PCSafeGuard (.com), FileEncrypt (.com)!! 1 million! 850k! 800k! 750k! 600k – We have JobWebsite(.ca) available and others! 480k!

…hundreds more great domain sales in the industry. Quality generic domains are increasing in value every day. sold for $1.4 Million US!! It again proves that generic, relevant, keyword domains are a wise investment.

More Great Evidence that Media and Business Advertising Spending is moving online!

Century 21 Pulls Traditional TV Ads to Move Advertising Dollars Online!

Some of our other Projects are listed below.

We are looking for serious investors to help build out our network and expand our reach.

If you are interested in investing in premium internet real estate and would like to partner with us, let us know! We can be reached at 1-800-746-2236.

Sewage (.ca)

Cracking (.ca)

TroutFishing (.ca)

AttorneysTexas (.com)

MyImmortal (.com)

CrackFilling (.com)

Filming (.in)

EconomicRecovery (.ca)

BorrowMoney (.ca)

RefinanceDebt (.ca)

OilProduction (.ca)

Down (.ca)

CandyBar (.ca)

PowerWashing (.ca)

HotelRooms (.de)

EthanolProduction (.ca)

BioDieselProduction (.ca)

BioMassFactory (.com)

BioGasFactory (.com)

SchoolPortables (.com)

BabyBassinette (.com)

CornBurning (.com)

MateTeas (.com)

MateTea (.com)

WoodHeat (.ca)

HomeFuel (.ca)

SenateReform (.com)

OrganicEggs (.ca)

OrganicChicken (.ca)

OrganicMeats (.ca)

OrganicPork (.ca)

OrganicSeeds (.ca)

OrganicCare (.ca)

OrganicDirectory (.ca)

OrganicBabies (.ca)

BabyOrganics (.ca)

Asteroids (.ca)

Mammals (.ca)

Blisters (.ca)

Woofer (.ca)

Bobber (.ca)

Bobbers (.ca)

Sinker (.ca)

Sinkers (.ca)

TackleBoxes (.ca)

PerchFishing (.ca)

TroutFishing (.ca)

PetsSupplies (.ca)

Greentea (.ca)

Whitetea (.ca)

BlackTeas (.ca)

OrganicTeas (.ca)

SkiingHolidays (.ca)

SkiingHoliday (.ca)

SolarShingle (.ca)

PhotoElectric (.ca)

InjectionMoulding (.ca)

UraniumMining (.ca)

JobWebsite (.ca)

EntryLevelJob (.ca)

UsedHybrid (.ca)

WifiHome (.ca)

WifiOffice (.ca)

WifiSecurity (.ca)

WorkinAmerica (.ca)

UKJobs (.ca)

YerbaMate (.ca)

StereoHeadphones (.ca)

SweetCorn (.ca)

CattleFarmer (.ca)

SpeltFlour (.ca)

ResortWear (.ca)

RepairWindows (.ca)

BrakeRepair (.ca)

RoofCoating (.ca)

PanaxGinseng (.ca)

NursingTraining (.ca)

Icicles (.ca)

ConstructionCompany (.ca)

ConstructionSupplies (.ca)

ConstructionDesign (.ca)

FreightContainers (.ca)

HipHops (.ca)

FuelPump (.ca)

FuelFilter (.ca)

FreeSong (.ca)

FreeRadical (.ca)

FreeTextMessaging (.ca)

FreeTextMessages (.ca) + FreeTextMessage (.ca)

FreeTaxFiling (.ca)

FreeClips (.ca)

FreeArt (.ca)

ElectricTruck (.ca)

EarBud (.ca)

DomesticFuel (.ca)

PracticalWedding (.com)

ContractInformation (.com)

CookedVegetables (.com)

CopperSmithing (.com)

Florists (.cc)

BridalFlowers (.ca)

FolkMusicFestival (.com)

FolkFestivals (.ca)

FuelStack (.com)

ImproveFunction (.com)

InfectedSoftware (.com)

FileEncrypt (.com)

InternetSemantics (.com)

SemanticTools (.com), Semantic(s)Navigation (.com), SemanticsDatabase (.com),  SemanticsCompany (.com), Semantics (.in), many other semantic… names.

KitchenStrainer (.com)

LeadAnchor (.com)

LossofData (.com)

MaterialInformation (.com)

NationalHotlines (.com)

PartialPayments (.com)

PaidOffLoan (.com)

PCSafeGuard (.com)

EHutz (.com)

Seniorz (.com)

RailRoadz (.com)

RooibosTeas (.com)

Trisodium (.com)

VHF1 (.com)

VideoEditting (.com)

WifiHeadphone (.com)

WPASecurity (.com)

WPAWireless (.com)

Not all domain properties listed.

As well we have interests in Chinese IDN domain names in native Chinese characters.

节 (.cn) = Festival, Holiday

果 (.cn) = Fruit

眼 (.cn) = Eye

力 (.cn) = Force, Power, Strength

假 (.cn) = Vacation, Holiday

律 (.cn) = Legal, Law

婚戒 (.cn) = Wedding Ring

板材 (.cn) = Plates, Board, Plank

寓 (.cn) = Residence, House, Apartment, Reside, Yu

圣诞快乐 (.cn) = Merry Christmas

葱 (.cn) = Onion

Arcades (.cn)

WorkVisas (.cn)

FarmLandForSale (.cn)

BeachCondos (.cn)

OceanFrontProperty (.cn)

HydrogenFuelCells (.cn)

Shipped (.cn)

ChinaClassified (.cn)

VideoArcade (.cn)

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